Two by Two {North Carolina Photographer}

Posted: Saturday, January 25, 2014 | 2 Comments

For my very first blog EVER, I wanted it to be very special and something close to my heart…

These photographs are of a recent trip my family took to visit our best friends that moved to NC. As a photographer I know the value and importance of  taking photographs, but sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of life, I  don’t take my camera with me on personal trips.

But, on this day..I’m so grateful I did! I miss my best friend EVERY day.  Our families miss each other. Their family is going through an extremely hard time right now and it kills me to not be by her side.

As I was finally getting around to doing some edits to these pictures, my personal photos are unfortunately ALWAYS the last ones I get to, I couldn’t help notice all the groups of two in many of my photos. A reminder though we are far in distance we are always close at heart?… I hope so.

These photos make me smile, they make me realize we will someday be together again. I am grateful for this families friendship, and grateful God keeps us close no matter how far apart we are.

IMG_9778 copy

IMG_9782 copy

IMG_9811 copy

IMG_9815-2 copy


IMG_9803 copy

IMG_9823 copy

IMG_9854 copy

IMG_9859 copy


IMG_9862 copy

IMG_9821 copy

IMG_9866 copy

IMG_9875 copy


IMG_9900 copy


IMG_9898 copy


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