Sister Sister {Downtown Hollywood Dance Photographer}

Posted: Thursday, July 2, 2015 | Leave your thoughts

Sisters, and they BOTH dance. I barley slept the night before I was so excited! I had met the girls previously when we did photos for the Shake the Ground session, so I already knew they would be a blast to photograph, and they were up for ANYTHING, back alleys, parking garages, graphic walls the whole shebang! It was also great to have our own personal bodyguard (aka, Dad) that shadowed us the whole time! Thanks Dad! They were creative, fun and oh so talented, which made this an amazing session and really fun for lil ol me!

IMG_6681R copy

dancesisters-4 copy

IMG_6742 copy

dancesisters-3 copy

IMG_6784 copy

IMG_6836R copy

IMG_6898-1 copy

IMG_6870R copy

IMG_6972-2R copy

IMG_6944 copy

dancesisters-2 copy

IMG_6997R copy

IMG_7035R copy

IMG_7071R copy

dancesisters-1 copy

IMG_7068R copy

IMG_7076R copy

IMG_7097-1 copy

IMG_7092 copy

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