Every soul is different and unique, so I pride myself on having a style that is as versatile and authentic as every client I am honored to capture. A photograph, a precious moment in time, is something that has been, and always will be your most precious and priceless thing you own.

Adopt Me Please! {Cooper City Portrait Photographer}

Posted: Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Every time I see this family I ask them to adopt me. They are really THAT amazing! They are so fun to be around and all of them are bursting with energy and laughter which is infectious. The adventures they go on together, stories they tell and love they have for one another is so wonderful to witness in a big family. I also asked the uber talented, Alison Frank Photography to come with me, which made the day even that more amazing! Not only am I inspired by her work on a daily basis, but her personality, professionalism and overall fabulousness is always so awesome to be around! So..high energy, fantastic family, gorgeous weather, beautiful location, cooperative kids (and parents) along with Alison Frank Photography, made this girl one happy camper!

IMG_1415c IMG_1455c Family-79 copy IMG_1448c IMG_1485c IMG_1487c IMG_1558c Family-20 copy IMG_1536c IMG_1466c Family-43 copy famcopy Family-63 copy

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Fun in Fat Village {Fort Lauderdale Lifestyle Photographer}

Posted: Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I’ve know these kiddos since they were in preschool. They are some of the most fun kids I know, and their Mom is pretty cool too! She is always up for an adventure when doing their yearly photos, and this year was no different. We had a great time cruisin’ around Fat Village in Ft. Lauderdale finding all sorts of eye candy to shoot! And this brother and sister actually LIKE each other, which is the best thing to photograph year after year! I cant wait to see what we create next, but till then…enjoy!

HCP_0006R copy C&J1 copy HCP_0032R copy HCP_0043R copy C&J2 copy HCP_0052R copy C&J3 copy HCP_0090R copy C&J4 copy HCP_0114R copy HCP_0157R copy HCP_0137R copy

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A Morning with Miss N {Miami Dance Photographer}

Posted: Sunday, October 19, 2014

After having to reschedule last summer 2x due to nasty weather…we couldn’t have had a nicer day on this Monday morning! Overcast, slight breeze…heaven! An impromptu need to use the loo brought us into gorgeous art studio and some of my favorite shots of the day…gotta love when the unexpected produces some crazy cool images! The amazing Miss N was so fun and easy going I could have photographed her all day. Wynwood is always a candy store for my imagination..and having such a fun and bright young lady to photograph made my day pretty much perfect!

NoaDance-1 copy

IMG_0100 copy

IMG_0118 copy

IMG_0166-2 copy

IMG_0138 copy

NoaDance-2 copy

IMG_0158 copy

NoaDance-3 copy

IMG_0133 copy

IMG_0197 copy

NoaDance-4 copy

NoaDance-5 copy

NoaDance-6 copy

IMG_0274 copy

IMG_0276 copy

IMG_0282 copy

IMG_0298 copy

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Under the Sea {South Florida Event Photographer}

Posted: Thursday, September 25, 2014

The details of this Quinceanera were crazy gorgeous! And even more fabulous is the fact that the Mom of this beautiful girl did all of it herself..now that is LOVE! Everywhere I looked I was mesmerized by the exquisite flower arrangements, centerpieces, chair covers, and overall feel of the night. Oh and did I mention the cake?..That amazing cake! So much love was put into every piece of this event, you could litterly feel it! Was I a little jealous my own mother didn’t throw me this amazing of a bash when I turned ’16’…of course! But it was beyond fun to watch Miss V have the night of her life sharing the whole experience with her family and all her friends!

HCP_0001 copy

Quince-4 copy

HCP_0015 copy

HCP_0006 copy

HCP_0008 copy

HCP_0017 copy

HCP_0025 copy

Quince-2 copy

HCP_0031 copy

Quince-3 copy

HCP_0057 copy

HCP_0112 copy

HCP_0113 copy

HCP_0138 copy

HCP_0122 copy

Quince-7 copy

HCP_0183 copy

Quince-8 copy

HCP_0245 copy

HCP_0265-2 copy

HCP_0286 copy

Quince-9 copy

Quince-1 copy

HCP_0136 copy

Quince-5 copy

HCP_0420 copy

HCP_0432 copy

HCP_0583 copy

HCP_0353 copy

HCP_0358 copy

HCP_0462 copy

HCP_0360 copy

HCP_0370 copy

HCP_0361 copy

HCP_0373 copy

HCP_0456 copy

HCP_0600 copy

HCP_0614 copy

HCP_0620 copy

HCP_0639 copy

HCP_0649 copy

HCP_0750 copy

HCP_0781 copy

IMG_8693-2 copy

Quince-10 copy

HCP_0427 copy

Quince-6 copy

HCP_785 copy

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Beauty and her Belly {South Florida Photographer}

Posted: Monday, July 14, 2014

Yep! She is really this beautiful on the inside too!
I knew she was a stunner a year ago when we did her boudoir photos as a wedding surprise for her lovey hubby. But capturing her awaiting motherhood brought out a whole other side of her beauty.

Was it the glow from carrying the lil being she’s anxious to meet? Or the happiness of being completely and utterly adored by her wonderful husband? Or maybe its the ease and comfort she feels from her family that will be with her every step of the way (even on this blazing hot Floridian shoot.)

Whatever it is, I am just so happy I was asked to capture it. Their love is contagious, I couldn’t help but smile…and it just makes my heart so happy to know this lil girl will be coming into a world lathered in love!

“In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours,
In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.”
~Maya Angelou

HCP_0018R copy

IMG_6637R copy


HCP_0046R copy


IMG_6725 copy

HCP_0327R copy






IMG_6868-2 copy

HCP_0219-2 copy





HCP_0368R copy


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Some Lyrical and Lacrosse {Miami Dance Photographer}

Posted: Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I could seriously post almost every image from this session, I just love them! The colors of this shoot blow me away, reminding me how fun it is to be young and have the world at your fingertips! The gorgeous Miss S, her beyond cool brother Mr.L, both were so unbelievably fun to work with! It didn’t even phase them to see a rap video being taped across the street from us…(gotta love Wynwood). Hope when I grow up I can be as cool as these two!

IMG_4695R copy

Untitled-3 copy

IMG_4702R copy

Untitled-2 copy

IMG_4720-2R copy

IMG_4734R copy

IMG_4742-2R copy

IMG_4860R copy

IMG_4782R copy

IMG_4800-2 copy

IMG_4757R copy

IMG_4836-2R copy

IMG_4837R copy

IMG_4760 copy

IMG_4766 copy

IMG_4776-2 copy

IMG_4777R copy

IMG_4919R copy

IMG_4932R-2 copy

IMG_4908R copy

IMG_4915R copy

IMG_4884-2 copy

Untitled-4 copy

IMG_4940R copy

Untitled-1 copy

IMG_5011 copy

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Take me Out to the BallGame… {Cooper City Family Photographer}

Posted: Thursday, March 27, 2014

The sun was out, the wind was blowing, the grass was just manicured, a perfect day to be on the fields!

A wonderful family and fellow baseball enthusiasts…how could we NOT hit it off immediately? Oh, and her son wants to be a photographer when we grows up, and his younger brother is just plain adorable..instant LOVE! This family was such a blast to photograph, they reminded me why I love what I do so much, not only did I meet a new client, but hopefully formed a new friendship that will last a lifetime!

HCP_0001 copy

BBAll2 copy

IMG_3322 copy

HCP_0061R copy

HCP_0072-2 copy

bball 1

HCP_0078R copy

BBAll3 copy

HCP_0132R copy

HCP_0146R copy

HCP_0163 copy

HCP_0164 copy

IMG_3454 copy

HCP_0160R copy

“In Baseball as in Life, All the Important things happen at HOME.”

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The Freckled Beauty {Cooper City Dance Photographer}

Posted: Monday, March 17, 2014

“Freckles are things so sweet,
as they fall onto a young girls cheek,
fine brown sugar sprinkled on the nose,
with pretty freckles a young girl glows.”

Oh how I LOVE those freckles! I have been able to watch beautiful Miss K grow as a dancer over the last 5 years. She has always carried herself as a dancer with such poise and confidence, so I was downright giddy finally being able to photograph her!

During this session I collaborated with Clay Wieland Photography who shot some stunning infrared which made this gallery everything I had imagined. Sure we had to trudge through the woods, and banana spiders and ants seemed to gravitate towards us, but through it all Miss K was a professional and helped us create some gorgeous images that will last her a lifetime!

Kat-1 copy

Kat-3 copy


IMG_2219 copy

Kat-2 copy

Kat-4 copy


Kat-5 copy

IMG_2261 copy-copy.jpg”>


IMG_2249-2 copy

IMG_2280 copy

IMG_2305-2 copy


IMG_2336 copy

IMG_2293-2 copy

Kat-6 copy

IMG_2394-2 copy

IMG_2378 copy


IMG_2456 copy

IMG_2494-2 copy

IMG_2473-1 copy

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Capturing their Passions {South Florida Family Photographer}

Posted: Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Before anything else, I’m a Mother, which in turn also makes me a Baseball Mom, and Tennis Mom right now. I try to make it to every practice, and every game. And while this can get exhausting to juggle on top of the rest of the days responsibilities, I cant help but continue to be completely amazed at the commitment, responsibility…and PASSION my children have for their extracurricular activities! They too must juggle school and homework and still have the time and energy to put it all into the activity of their choice. And its not just my kids…its all the children around me…! Whether is is horse backing riding, dancing, ice skating or piano lessons, I see children excel and exceed all expectations, and it BLOWS ME AWAY!

And so, as a Photographer can I just say I LOVE capturing this spirit they have in their sessions! The leap of a committed dancer, bond of a rider, connection of a musician…it is such a special moment of a child’s life. And I find myself proud of each and every one I am honored to photograph!

DanceGirl2013 copy copyK2.copy

IMG_1704-2 copy

IMG_1388-2 copy


IMG_2261 copy

Dance 2013 copy


IMG_1419-2 copy




K-Dance copy

IMG_7591 copy

IMG_0100-2 copy

Addy2 copy

IMG_2384-2 copy

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Graffiti and Grace {Miami Dance Photographer}

Posted: Saturday, January 25, 2014

”Most people think of ballet as children in little tutus.
They don’t know it is sweat, blood and tears as well!”
–     Nan Keating

There is something so humbling when photographing young girls that dance.  Their commitment, passion and complete dedication to the art is something I never had for anything when I was that age. It’s so much more then the costumes, which are gorgeous… oh how I love tulle and sequins… and they look like living dolls with their stage make-up…
But it’s the grace and poise that these girls possess that rocks me to my core.  

Miss M has been dancing for as long as I can remember, and I’ve known her since she was born. I’ve had these images in my head for the last few years since her mother, also a former dancer, told me she was going to start on pointe.  They were both SO patient with me while I “tried” to explain, and to their amusement “show” them some poses that had been swirling  around in my head.  Miss M executed every single one with such ease,  and didn’t even laugh at me during my attempts…although I know her Mom got a kick out of it.   I cant wait to see where this beauty’s life leads her..I just hope she allows me to capture it along the way…

And extra kudos to her brother who was so understanding the whole afternoon and even gave us some amazing shots at the end of our day!

IMG_5598 copy



IMG_5616-2 copy


IMG_5638-2 copy




IMG_5665 copy


IMG_5699 copy

IMG_5707 copy


IMG_5731 copy

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