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Planes, Tutus and Miss H {Pompano Beach Dance Photographer}

Posted: Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I had only spoken briefly on the phone with this family before I showed up on their door, ready for an adventure. Learning about this beautiful family and how they came to be one was truly wonderful and I couldn’t wait to capture some family photos. We had then planned to go out to the airfield to get some amazing, and sentimental shots of Miss H dancing among the planes….and the minute she went up into her first arabesque, I was blown away. She was athletic and graceful, and just wicked to watch. I had such a great time during this shoot, and it was such a fun adventure for me to get to photograph in some new locations with this amazing girl and her family.

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A Moment with Miss L {Cooper City Portrait Photographer}

Posted: Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I love to photograph Holy First Communions! It was such a beautiful morning to spend with Miss L, who is a creative, vibrant spirit. She looked like an angel in her gorgeous dress, complete with her mother’s wedding veil, which was stunning. She glowed that morning, with everything wonderful and amazing about being a girl that age with the whole word to look forward to. It was also fun to let her hair down and do some funky photos of her and her wild side..there is no stopping this girl!

IMG_7382R copy IMG_7406 copy lola-1 copy IMG_7457R copy IMG_7486-1R copy IMG_7429R copy lola-2 copy IMG_7521R copy IMG_7585R copy lola-3 copy IMG_7534R copy IMG_7598R copy IMG_7661R copy IMG_7721R copy IMG_7734-2R copy