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Beautiful Lil Miss B {Palm City Lifestyle Photographer}

Posted: Monday, August 10, 2015

This is what happens when a close friend invites us over for a wonderful dinner at her new home. I get to do an improptu fun photo shoot with her crazy beautiful daughter! And lil Miss B isn’t just completely adorable , she is also exceptionally smart and a blast to be around, and not a bad magician either.

IMG_2322 copy

Bella-1 copy

IMG_2334 copy

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Class is in Session {Weston Dance Photographer}

Posted: Monday, August 10, 2015

When I get to photograph dancers I get the fun part. The artistic beautiful roll of capturing all their hard work into one priceless photo. But I know all their technique and talent came from hours upon hours of training and discipline! So this summer I reached out to a few studios and choreographers to see if I could sit in on the classroom/studio where all the real magic and hard work happens. And to say it mildly…I was blown away!

These girls, on a beautiful summer night, while my kids are home eating popcorn and watching their 100th movie on their vacation…CHOOSE to come to the studio to work hard, to sweat, to push their limits, to learn new and innovative choreography, all because they truly LOVE to dance. I watched and listened while I was able to document the passion that is shared in this room! I watched while their teacher, Liana Marie Alvarez, pushed and expected so much from them, because she too, LOVES to dance and LOVES these girls she gets to teach. It is a powerful thing to watch…an amazing thing to witness. And I know for a fact it made me a better dance photographer!

Thank you to Liana and all the girls at Performance Edge for allowing me to see just a morsel of all you do everyday for the love of dance!

IMG_1965 copy

IMG_1975 copy

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Cruising the Neighborhood with Lil Miss M {Cooper City Lifestyle Photographer}

Posted: Monday, July 20, 2015

I remember, not so long ago my own daughter at this age. And how much I LOVED seeing her all dressed up in her costumes. So this session brought back a lot of memories, and reminded me just how fast time flies. I am so glad this lil dancers Mom asked me to do this session, because I know from my own experience how much she will treasure them in a few years. Since she lives just down the street we were able to tootle around our neighborhood together and do some fun shots in some familiar places. Im loving watching Miss M’s love for dance grow as she gets older..she just has to promise not to grow up TOO fast!

Mik-1 copy

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IMG_1094R copy

IMG_1117R copy

IMG_1131R copy

Mik-2 copy

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A Day Downtown with Miss A {Fort Lauderdale Dance Photographer}

Posted: Monday, July 20, 2015

Its always fun to explore a new location especially when you get to do it with someone with so much energy and ideas like this awesome girly! We had a great time finding new and unique spots to shoot at, including a parking lot with the coolest floor to ceiling art that felt like our own lil studio. And a HUGE shout out to her Mom for not only coming fully equipped with some fun outfits, but for also recruiting some skaters for a ‘skater punk’ shot’! Both Miss A and her Mom are a blast to work with, and I can’t wait to watch this dancer grow in the years to come!

Alaia-1 copy

IMG_2864R copy

Alaia-2 copy

IMG_2946R copy

Alaia-3 copy

IMG_2960R-1 copy

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Sister Sister {Downtown Hollywood Dance Photographer}

Posted: Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sisters, and they BOTH dance. I barley slept the night before I was so excited! I had met the girls previously when we did photos for the Shake the Ground session, so I already knew they would be a blast to photograph, and they were up for ANYTHING, back alleys, parking garages, graphic walls the whole shebang! It was also great to have our own personal bodyguard (aka, Dad) that shadowed us the whole time! Thanks Dad! They were creative, fun and oh so talented, which made this an amazing session and really fun for lil ol me!

IMG_6681R copy

dancesisters-4 copy

IMG_6742 copy

dancesisters-3 copy

IMG_6784 copy

IMG_6836R copy

IMG_6898-1 copy

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IMG_6972-2R copy

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Planes, Tutus and Miss H {Pompano Beach Dance Photographer}

Posted: Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I had only spoken briefly on the phone with this family before I showed up on their door, ready for an adventure. Learning about this beautiful family and how they came to be one was truly wonderful and I couldn’t wait to capture some family photos. We had then planned to go out to the airfield to get some amazing, and sentimental shots of Miss H dancing among the planes….and the minute she went up into her first arabesque, I was blown away. She was athletic and graceful, and just wicked to watch. I had such a great time during this shoot, and it was such a fun adventure for me to get to photograph in some new locations with this amazing girl and her family.

IMG_6223R copy IMG_6142R copy hannah-1 copy IMG_6229R copy IMG_6251-2R copy hannah-2 copy IMG_6321R copy IMG_6301R copy IMG_6268R copy hannh-3 copy IMG_6297R copy IMG_6363R copy IMG_6335R copy IMG_6381R copy IMG_6485R copy IMG_6462R copy IMG_6489R copy IMG_6617R copy IMG_6581R copy

A Moment with Miss L {Cooper City Portrait Photographer}

Posted: Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I love to photograph Holy First Communions! It was such a beautiful morning to spend with Miss L, who is a creative, vibrant spirit. She looked like an angel in her gorgeous dress, complete with her mother’s wedding veil, which was stunning. She glowed that morning, with everything wonderful and amazing about being a girl that age with the whole word to look forward to. It was also fun to let her hair down and do some funky photos of her and her wild side..there is no stopping this girl!

IMG_7382R copy IMG_7406 copy lola-1 copy IMG_7457R copy IMG_7486-1R copy IMG_7429R copy lola-2 copy IMG_7521R copy IMG_7585R copy lola-3 copy IMG_7534R copy IMG_7598R copy IMG_7661R copy IMG_7721R copy IMG_7734-2R copy

The Complete Beauty {Coral Gables Dance Photographer}

Posted: Saturday, April 18, 2015

I get to meet some unbelivable girls…and parents TOO! Miss K was so quiet and exquisite to photograph. She even agreed to make her Mother and me happy and wear her GORGEOUS ballet costume…which I was absolutely in love with! She was so easy and wonderful to work with, and I loved every minute of it, even though we were both melting a lil bit. Her Mom was just as awesome, and was up for any adventure I presented her for the day in a location that was new to me. Thank you Miss K for being so patient with me and my “Just one more” and for being just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside!

IMG_5106R copy katie-1 copy IMG_5022R copy katie-4 copy IMG_5004R copy IMG_5014R copy IMG_5102 copy IMG_5175R copy IMG_5201R copy katie-2 copy IMG_5197R copy IMG_5127R copy IMG_5141R copy

My Muse, Miss M {Fort Lauderdale Dance Photographer}

Posted: Friday, April 17, 2015

Miss M is AMAZING! She’s smart, funny, and wickedly talented. Ive known her parents since I moved here to FL, and I can’t thank them enough for letting me bring their daughter to all kinds of crazy locations with a zillion ideas swirling around my head. I am always inspired by her. She pushes my limits on what I think I can create, and Im thankful to her for that! Her Mom is also an amazing choreographer, which is FANTASTIC, I learn from her too at every session. And a big shout out to her Dad, who is not only a crazy talented graphic designer, but a pretty good body guard as well! Thank you to the entire MDO family for always believing in me!

Las Olas Dancer-3 copy IMG_5651-2R copy IMG_5608 copy Los Olas Dancer-2 copy IMG_5634R copy IMG_5723 copy IMG_5742R copy IMG_5779 copy Los Olas Dancer-5 copy IMG_5806 copy Los Olas Dancer-1 copy IMG_5834R copy IMG_5837-2-edits copy

Let’s ‘Shake The Ground’ {Miami Dance Photographer}

Posted: Wednesday, February 11, 2015

When they called me from Shake The Ground to book a product shoot to announce the launch of their dance apparel, I was totally stoked! Getting to work with amazingly talented girls wearing cool clothes to boot..Oh YEAH! And when we decided to head down to Wynwood..this girl couldn’t help but get just a wee bit excited! Once we all met down there I could tell it was going to be a fun shoot! Total collaboration between us adults, and tons of inspiration from these girls that totally rocked it!

STG-2 copy

HCP_0157-FINAL copy

HCP_0145R copy

STG-5 copy

HCP_0132-FINAL copy

STG-4 copy

STG-3 copy

HCP_0223-FINAL copy

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STG-1 copy

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