Adopt Me Please! {Cooper City Portrait Photographer}

Posted: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 | Leave your thoughts

Every time I see this family I ask them to adopt me. They are really THAT amazing! They are so fun to be around and all of them are bursting with energy and laughter which is infectious. The adventures they go on together, stories they tell and love they have for one another is so wonderful to witness in a big family. I also asked the uber talented, Alison Frank Photography to come with me, which made the day even that more amazing! Not only am I inspired by her work on a daily basis, but her personality, professionalism and overall fabulousness is always so awesome to be around! So..high energy, fantastic family, gorgeous weather, beautiful location, cooperative kids (and parents) along with Alison Frank Photography, made this girl one happy camper!

IMG_1415c IMG_1455c Family-79 copy IMG_1448c IMG_1485c IMG_1487c IMG_1558c Family-20 copy IMG_1536c IMG_1466c Family-43 copy famcopy Family-63 copy

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