I’ll admit it, my life is surreal at times.
Growing up in a small town in Alaska, yes Alaska, never in a million years did I think I would be doing what I do today.
I get to meet some incredible people, shoot in amazing locations, and live the life I always dreamed about.
But it didn’t happen overnight.
I found my creative outlet in photography early on in my teen years. Something that clicked within me immediately, but I would spend the next 15+ years trying to see how my passion for photography would work as a full time career. I started in the trenches at Olan Mills, shooting over 20 families a day, then running and training 15 studios in the next few years. Then, I burned out. It wasn’t fun for me anymore. I took a couple years off to start a family and try once again to find my passion. But during those years I came to realize why I loved photography so much. Not only was it an amazing creative outlet, but now as a mother, I realized how important it was to every family I worked with. An image, a photograph, never ages never looses its value, and is a portal to the past that you can’t get from any other medium.
It put in perspective how important what I do today really is to my clients. Its why I take every session to heart. Why every shoot means the world to me, and Ive been know to cry after the first few shots when I realize the memorable images I am having the honor of capturing. From the anticipation of a soon to be mother, or a girl becoming a young women for her quince, to the dancer, who has worked all year for that extension, that perfect arabesque and finally accomplished it..I WAS THERE. I captured that moment. And it is frozen in time…forever. How blessed am I? How wonderful is it that I get to do what I do? I also have meet some amazing fellow artists, and I get to share in their enthusiasm to what they do too!

So thank you for checking out my blog, for being curious about who I am. And I hope this gives you the insight on why I do what I do, and why I love it so very much!