A Morning with Miss N {Miami Dance Photographer}

Posted: Sunday, October 19, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

After having to reschedule last summer 2x due to nasty weather…we couldn’t have had a nicer day on this Monday morning! Overcast, slight breeze…heaven! An impromptu need to use the loo brought us into gorgeous art studio and some of my favorite shots of the day…gotta love when the unexpected produces some crazy cool images! The amazing Miss N was so fun and easy going I could have photographed her all day. Wynwood is always a candy store for my imagination..and having such a fun and bright young lady to photograph made my day pretty much perfect!

NoaDance-1 copy

IMG_0100 copy

IMG_0118 copy

IMG_0166-2 copy

IMG_0138 copy

NoaDance-2 copy

IMG_0158 copy

NoaDance-3 copy

IMG_0133 copy

IMG_0197 copy

NoaDance-4 copy

NoaDance-5 copy

NoaDance-6 copy

IMG_0274 copy

IMG_0276 copy

IMG_0282 copy

IMG_0298 copy

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