Let’s ‘Shake The Ground’ {Miami Dance Photographer}

Posted: Wednesday, February 11, 2015

When they called me from Shake The Ground to book a product shoot to announce the launch of their dance apparel, I was totally stoked! Getting to work with amazingly talented girls wearing cool clothes to boot..Oh YEAH! And when we decided to head down to Wynwood..this girl couldn’t help but get just a wee bit excited! Once we all met down there I could tell it was going to be a fun shoot! Total collaboration between us adults, and tons of inspiration from these girls that totally rocked it!

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HCP_0157-FINAL copy

HCP_0145R copy

STG-5 copy

HCP_0132-FINAL copy

STG-4 copy

STG-3 copy

HCP_0223-FINAL copy

HCP_0034R copy

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HCP_0203-FINAL copy

HCP_0210-FINAL copy

A Night at The Nutcracker {Miami Dance Photographer}

Posted: Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A dream come true for this gal! Im a HUGE admirer of the theater and the arts, and have been taking my daughter to watch The Nutcracker religiously since she was 4yrs old. So to be invited to capture the Artistic Dance Center’s 2014 production of The Nutcracker was just pure joy for me. I think I was downright giddy as I roamed the backstage hallways watching the hustle of everyone getting ready for their big night! The russell of tulle, smell of hairspray and the energy you feel before a performance is just amazing to be part of as a photographer. Then to settle into a seat and get to enjoy the show while capturing beautiful dancing was such a inspiring afternoon for me! Thanks girls, and Im already hoping Ill be invited again for next years production!

IMG_9270 copy

IMG_9304 copy

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IMG_9332 copy

IMG_9308 copy

IMG_9307 copy

IMG_9273 copy

IMG_9315 copy

IMG_9539 copy

IMG_9555 copy

IMG_9540 copy

IMG_9483 copy

IMG_9584 copy

IMG_9682 copy

IMG_9691 copy

IMG_9663 copy

IMG_9609 copy

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IMG_9999 copy

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Adopt Me Please! {Cooper City Portrait Photographer}

Posted: Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Every time I see this family I ask them to adopt me. They are really THAT amazing! They are so fun to be around and all of them are bursting with energy and laughter which is infectious. The adventures they go on together, stories they tell and love they have for one another is so wonderful to witness in a big family. I also asked the uber talented, Alison Frank Photography to come with me, which made the day even that more amazing! Not only am I inspired by her work on a daily basis, but her personality, professionalism and overall fabulousness is always so awesome to be around! So..high energy, fantastic family, gorgeous weather, beautiful location, cooperative kids (and parents) along with Alison Frank Photography, made this girl one happy camper!

IMG_1415c IMG_1455c Family-79 copy IMG_1448c IMG_1485c IMG_1487c IMG_1558c Family-20 copy IMG_1536c IMG_1466c Family-43 copy famcopy Family-63 copy

Fun in Fat Village {Fort Lauderdale Lifestyle Photographer}

Posted: Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I’ve know these kiddos since they were in preschool. They are some of the most fun kids I know, and their Mom is pretty cool too! She is always up for an adventure when doing their yearly photos, and this year was no different. We had a great time cruisin’ around Fat Village in Ft. Lauderdale finding all sorts of eye candy to shoot! And this brother and sister actually LIKE each other, which is the best thing to photograph year after year! I cant wait to see what we create next, but till then…enjoy!

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